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Workshop Report
Big Bend, October 2011
Thomas J. Avery Photography


Workshop Details:
Instructor: Thomas J. Avery
Assistant: Lacy Logan
Students: 9
Dates: October 21 - 25, 2011
Focus: Landscape and Night Photography

Nine photographers joined me in my favorite place, Big Bend National Park, for a five day photography workshop. These folks came from different parts of the US and also Mexico.

Our time together was a lot of fun, but we also worked hard to photograph the area and night skies. We had nearly cloudless skies that made daylight landscape photography a challenge but provided us with awesome dark skies after sunset.

The photos and gallery links below visually describe the workshop far better than any written description. Please take the time to view them and get a sense of the great experiences we shared together.

Many, many thanks to all 9 participants. I enjoyed it and have some great memories that will stay with me forever.

best regards,
TJ Avery

Workshop Photos- People in Action:

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Photos from Workshop Participants:

Bala's Flickr gallery
Launa's Flickr gallery
Naga's Flickr gallery
Scott's Flickr gallery
Wes' gallery


Workshop Schedule:

Friday, October 21, 2011
4:30pm -- Workshop Start
5:00pm -- Classroom: Welcome and Introductions
7:30pm -- Dinner at the Starlight Theatre
9:00pm -- Night shoot in the Terlingua Ghost Town

Saturday, October 22, 2011
8:30am -- Breakfast at the Chili Pepper Cafe
10:00am -- Classroom: Presentations
3:30pm -- Afternoon Shooting Session: Scouting and then Santa Elena Canyon
7:30pm -- Picnic Dinner in the Field
8:45pm -- Night Shoots: Castolon and Sotol Vista

Sunday, October 23, 2011
8:30am -- Breakfast at India's Bakery
10:00am -- Classroom: Presentations & Critiques
4:45pm -- Afternoon Shooting Session: Indian Head
8:30pm -- Dinner at the El Dorado
10:00pm -- Night Shoot: Ghost Town Cemetery

Monday, October 24, 2011
8:30am -- Breakfast at Ghost Town Cafe
11:00am -- Classroom: Critiques
3:45pm -- Afternoon Shooting Session: Scouting and RGV Overlook
8:00pm -- Picnic Dinner in the Field
9:00pm -- Night Shoot: Dugout Wells

Tuesday, October 25, 2011
9:00am -- Breakfast at the Chili Pepper Cafe
11:00am -- Classroom: Critiques
1:00pm -- Workshop End

Feedback from Students:

"This was awesome. I loved that you were there to help the entire time and didn't leave us out on our own while you were off taking pictures- makes a huge different vs. the workshops that don't do that." - Shanda

"This is my first workshop and I loved it, both the workshop and the people. It is totally worth my time and money and helped me a lot with night shoot techniques, general composition and photography in general. I am definitely interested in other workshops you may have. Please keep me in the loop." - Naga

"It was a blast. I was able to learn/advance techniques for night photography. Sadly my home up north doesn't offer a place to practice! Your first workshop was wonderful, what a great collection of people. Perfect balance of field/workshop/sleep. Well done. I will recommend you to friends." - Scott

"Definitely worth it. Loved the field outings and group shoots and getting to learn the park more in depth. Appreciate your knowledge of the park and willingness to help and answer any question. The group came together well too." - Launa

"Had a great time. It was absolutely worth it. I hope I can remember half of what I learned." - Wes

"Learned a lot. Definitely worth it. Very beneficial. Can't wait to apply all I learned. Had a great time!" - Oscar