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Workshop Report
Big Bend, February 2012
Thomas J. Avery Photography & Marti Jeffers Photography


Workshop Details:
Instructor 1: Thomas J. Avery
Instructor 2: Marti Jeffers
Students: 12
Dates: February 26 - March 2, 2012
Focus: Landscape and Night Photography

A fellow photographer and good friend, Marti Jeffers, and I teamed up to lead a 6-day photography workshop in Big Bend. 12 people attended.

The workshop subject matter was similar to my previous workshop: classic daylight landscape photography and night photography of the stars and Milky Way combined with land-based objects. However, the timing was a bit different. The Milky Way rose above the eastern horizon about 4am, so our night shoots were done very early in the morning. (in my typical fall workshops (Sep.-Oct.), the Milky Way is already up in the sky after sunset, and our night shoots take place from about 9pm to midnight)

We had cool weather and nice clouds. The moonless, clear skies were incredible, although waking up so early to catch the Milky Way wasn't easy!

This workshop marked the start of Marti's retirement from teaching. Although rumor has it, if I ask her real nice, she may do another one with me ;-)

Photos from the Workshop

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Workshop Details:

Sunday, February 26
- 5:00pm -- Workshop Start
- Welcome and Introductions in classroom
- night photography course
- Dinner at the Starlight Theatre

Monday, February 27
- pre-dawn Milky Way/stars shoot in the Terlingua Ghost Town Cemetery
- Mid-day classroom sessions; lectures on landscape and night photography
- Afternoon field shoot in BBNP at Rio Grande Village Overlook
- Dinner at La Kiva in Terlingua

Tuesday, February 28
- sunrise shoot at Santa Elena Canyon
- Mid-day classroom sessions; lectures on landscape and night photography
- Afternoon field shoot in the Terlingua Ghost Town
- Late dinner at Chili Pepper Cafe

Wednesday, Feb. 29:
- pre-dawn Milky Way/stars shoot at the Terlingua Ghost Town church
- Mid-day classroom sessions; critique of photos shot by students
- Afternoon field shoot near Cerro Castellan Peak
- Dinner at the Starlight Theatre

Thursday, Mar. 1:
- Sunrise shoot at Dugout Wells
- Mid-day classroom sessions; critique of photos shot by students
- Afternoon field shoot in the Chisos Mountains Basin
- Dinner at the Chisos Mountains Lodge

Friday, Mar. 2:
- Morning off, optional pre-dawn shoot at Terlingua Ghost Town Church
- Final classroom session with photo critique
- 12:00pm -- Workshop End

Feedback from Students:

"T. J. and Marti are a great pairing. Both know Big Bend intimately and can get you to great locations with wonderful potential for awesome photographs. Their image critiques are a highlight for me and expanded my vision of what was possible beyond the iconic shots. T.J.'s expertise in night photography and my experiences photographing the Milky Way were truly memorable. Marti's alternative way of seeing continues to open my eyes to new ways of seeing and photographing. If you want to learn and enjoy the park and great company, take this workshop!" - Chuck

"I really enjoyed the workshop as well as the other participants. The group and instructors meshed well. There was a balance of classroom time and location shooting. Hard to be critical when I enjoyed all aspects and balance of the workshop." - Mike

"Instructions in field very helpful. I really like TJ's help - very practical and down-to-earth and pertinent. Excellent, can't think of way to improve it. Feld I had great guidance from Marti and TJ." - Nick

"I love the creative and open sharing environment created for this workshop. A lot of helpful materials were gathered for future reference and one on one assitance was available throughout the class. TJ and Marti did an excellent job of selecting locations for an overall visit to Big Bend National Park." - Tina