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by Thomas J. Avery


Wide Angle Land+Astrophotography (PDF file), 14-May-2010
Information and details about my night photography of the stars that include landscapes. This article covers shooting locations, conditions, gear, and post processing of the digital images.


My Photographic Style (PDF file), 21-August-2008
A detailed description on how I discovered my photographic style, and more importantly, the meaning behind my style. I've written this as an example to hopefully inspire other photographers struggling to identify and understand their style and the meaning in their work.


DIY L-brackets (PDF file), 14-August-2008
Details and photos on how I made three DIY (do it yourself) L-brackets (to fit the Arca-Swiss style quick release system) for three different camera bodies. I don't use the pretty, machined plates that cost hundreds of dollars, I make them myself! :-)


The Right Mindset for Photography (PDF file), 27-March-2008
Non-technical advice and guidelines for a better creative and photographic process in the field. I describe many activities and guidelines to help you tune-in with the environment and produce better photos.


BtS #1: Sunset in the Chisos (PDF file), 27-March-2008
A behind the scenes look at one of my best photos. I describe how it happened, how I did it, and what I learned from the experience.


Manual HDR - Part 1 (PDF file), 07-February-2008
First article in a series on how to handle scenes having a wide or high dynamic range (higher than the camera (digital or film) is capable of recording). The method presented in this article shows a quick “down-n-dirty” way of combining two exposures. There are other, more sophisticated methods of combining exposures, and I’ll publish articles later on that cover some of them. There are advantages and disadvantages to this method. This article does not go into great detail about all the fine points, but rather is meant to provide a quick and easy means of combining two exposures using tools we already have.